Find that router’s manual, default IP, default username and password and then ping it to see if it’s connected to your network. All with one app! No need to use search engines or router manufacturers’ websites to find what you need.

  • Includes the most popular brands and versions, with new additions added frequently
  • Current and legacy models and different firmware versions
  • Direct access to the user manual (no need to search or be stymied with flash websites)
  • Features Default Passwords and IP schemes – never hunt for that default admin password again!
  • Direct links to the online product home page
  • High-res images of each router version – looks great on the Retina Display

NetRef is great for network admins and enthusiasts who work on various networks and need access to a lot of user manuals for diagnostics or setting up a new network. Then they can use the built-in ping feature to see if they can connect properly.

NetRef provides direct access to router manufacturers’ web pages, manuals and basic information about each router all within the app. The last several manuals that were viewed are cached, so even if you’re without an internet connection, you can pull those recent manuals up instantly.

Current vendors NetRef has reference material for:

  • Apple
  • Belkin
  • Buffalo
  • D-Link
  • Linksys
  • Netgear
  • SMC
  • Valet

More added all the time!l the time!

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